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Dongguan and Dongguan waste recycling Ltd is a professional platform for material recycling services, our spirit of fair, mutually beneficial trading principles, reasonable price, commitment, create a win-win development.
I company has professionals free for units of material assessment and pricing, and participation units of material tender, Dongguan are and waste recycling, and Dongguan waste recycling, and Dongguan waste recycling, and Dongguan material recycling, and Dongguan material recycling company, and Dongguan waste recycling company, and Dongguan waste recycling station, and Dongguan waste acquisition station, and Dongguan received waste phone, and Dongguan second-hand recycling, and Dongguan second-hand equipment recycling company to integrity for this, put customer of interests put to highest points, itself interests put to low. Adhere to the credibility first, customer first, service concept of openness, fairness and justice, efforts creating recycling industry pioneer, Guangdong Dongguan,!
and waste recycling Ltd with strong economic strength, the principles of honesty, business activities in the long-term, with a good reputation to win the trust of many customers. For a long time, we and the country's industrial and mining enterprises, agencies, hospitals, school, hotel, research institutes to establish a stable cooperative relations.
and waste recycling Ltd, Dongguan long-term on-site recycling of various waste products, reasonable price, commitment, cash transactions, warm service, and in strict accordance with client confidentiality. Units of waste material and personal calls are welcome to contact us to discuss recovery issues.
1, factory waste: metals, plastic scrap, scrap steel.
2, refrigeration equipment: central air conditioning and air conditioning, large freezers, cold storage, and so on.
3, warehouse backlog material: metal, electrical goods, non-ferrous metals, tool mold.
4, used machinery and equipment: aerial crane.
5, tank facilities: tankers, oil tanks, oil drums, oil and gas pipelines.
6, power distribution equipment: transformers, distribution cabinets, motor, cables, and so on.
7, the site for factory heavy scrap equipment, production lines, industrial boilers, dry cleaning equipment, the hotel kitchen. A variety of instruments, meters, household appliances, scrap cars, motorcycles, waste plastics, and so on.

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