Collected a man in disguise waiting car theft

Recently, the Binhai New area of Tianjin hangu police interrogation when a three-wheeled van rag man found doubt via overnight suddenly, and eventually arrested for theft of electric bicycles and battery of men detained in Hebei. As of now, hangu police bicycle theft cases in special operations has captured 13 suspects who cracked cases over more than 170.
to effectively curb the number of motor vehicle theft cases occurred, hangu police bicycle theft cases special actions at the right time. May 6 at 22 o'clock, police in hangu precinct police patrols to the Han when North Road near Singleton, roaring engine noise attracted police attention. Patrolling Police immediately drove to Xiao Li and his colleagues rushed to find out. When the days of single quarters, spotted a man driving a three-wheeled van ready to leave, the truck is equipped with a rickety, and two batteries of electric bicycles. Police looked at immediately motioned for the man to stop for inspection.
upon questioning, the man surnamed Wang (45 years, Hebei province), early this year in hangu eight Street, rented a bungalow nearby, bought secondhand three-wheeled pickup trucks Pack for a living. When police asked him about the car's electric bicycles and battery source, Wang spoke shuffle, and be prepared to dodge the police's attention, ultimately failed to clear sources. Police determined to bring Wang back to the police station for further review.
via overnight suddenly, Wang confessed to pack as a cover during the day, in hangu district Scouting around, looking for easy start community, rag time night driving a three-wheeled van pretend car theft facts of the crime. Police overnight to the King after a stay, caught a three and six batteries of electric bicycles. At present, the man has been detained in hangu police, the case is under further investigation.

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