Trash solve garbage siege

The Dragon Boat Festival, Shanghai Wan hang apartment dwellers He Meili was also carrying garbage bags, walked to the coffee-colored "kitchen peels" before the garbage cans, open plastic bags, inside the dumplings into the barrel.
was launched May 2011 Shanghai "millions of Chamber of low carbon, waste sorting has to come first," the Government practical projects, in 3 years, more than 1.2 million Shanghai residents have participated in the wet/dry waste sorting. Until the end of 2012, a total of 1580 pilot community solid waste separation of wet and dry, 200 enterprises, 100 schools, 100, 50, 100 farms Park to complete garbage collection and disposal. Now, end disposal of garbage compared to the previous day in the city reduced two thousand or three thousand tonnes. This year, Shanghai will implement agencies, schools, parks, and waste treatment in places such as full coverage of the market; residential wet/dry waste sorting over 2 million households.
try kitchen fruit in addition to bags put
dirty hands to address residents worried, Jianshui in the garbage room where residents can wash their hands
statistics show Shanghai garbage removal up to 20,000 tons per day, every 16 days, garbage can out of a Jin Mao Tower. "60% is the kitchen peels such as wet garbage. "The Shanghai Municipal afforestation and city Authority said Li Yafang, Director of waste management waste management service.
in May 2011, Shanghai "millions of Chamber of low carbon, waste sorting has to come first" campaign, the "Twelve-Five" during the reduction objectives, namely 2010 as a base, the annual loss of 5%. For residents, classification of waste is mainly wet and dry, separate stock "kitchen peel" and "other."
it is understood that the community just started garbage classification, the inhabitants of high stocking rate does not accurately, recruit volunteers of the neighborhood urging residents to correct it. Tenement which can choose cleaner twice to ensure that "the kitchen peels" of purity. "Purity of more than 90%, to enter the wet waste disposal facility for ecological disposal. "Li Yafang said.
at present, participate in garbage classification of community residents, asked residents to mostly wet garbage bag, link bag into "kitchen peels" trash, secondary sorting by sorting or cleaning, remove the plastic bags and other debris recycling company.
still among bags put in some areas. Caojiadu DAO Wan hang Gong Jing ' an district as a pilot, attempting to purchase the service, the introduction of Shanghai-Finnish environmental protection technology consulting service center, a community organization, driving residents bag put in wet garbage. "We investigated, found widespread concern among residents put on wet hands soiled by garbage, consultation with sectors such as property, built a bucket next to the Junk room where residents can wash their hands. "Love-Finnish environmental project specialist Ma Xiaolu said.
Jing ' an district, Dong Xingfu, Director of green city appearance and environmental sanitation business management told reporters, "as the smallest district of Shanghai, Jing an district garbage classification this year will be the first full coverage. "
different garbage received shipped way different
kitchen more than by specialist made fertilizer; waste paper let cleaning Member recycling, costs for subsidies
in Shanghai garbage classification residents community in, usually has 5 a garbage barrels, except Lady color" kitchen more than peel ", and black" other garbage "barrels outside, also has green" glass ", and Red" harmful garbage ", and blue" can recycling real "3 a barrels. Put
classification, and finally sent to the incinerator or landfill garbage has decreased significantly. "We used to trash 5 barrels a day more than now classified after the release, most of the resources used, the rest of the trash less than two barrels. "Wan hang apartment cleaning lady Huang Jiasheng said. Sort out all kinds of junk in the kitchen Peel up, around 3 barrels a day. Glass, less hazardous waste, three days less than one barrel.
different types of garbage, has a different way of collection, transportation and disposal. "The kitchen peel" and "other waste" is collected by the sanitation Department classification special vehicles per day, and were sent to professional bodies for disposal. Other waste incineration or landfill, while the kitchen peels for ecological disposal and resource utilization.
Shanghai waste oil recycling company is "kitchen peels" ecological disposal of garbage company. General Manager Liu Guorong told reporters they received delivery of the sanitation sector "kitchen peel" by artificial dehydration of physics, machine drying and crushing, grinding heating oil filters, fermentation processes, and finally into fertiliser. "Such as Jing ' an district we receive every day on average about 80 tons of wet garbage, made approximately 30 tons of fertilizer. "
and waste paper, plastic bottles and cans of" recyclable materials ", Shanghai promoting cleaner recycling. "Charges as the subsidies awarded to the cleaning staff, raising their enthusiasm for sorting. "Dong Xingfu said. Glass due to low volume, low value residential cleaners are usually not willing to recycle, Shanghai city appearance and environmental sanitation the central collection, unity sent to scrap recycling practices, adhere to resource utilization. BACK