Know the value of waste paper recycling

Waste paper, refers to life through use of waste recycled resources, including a variety of high-grade paper, yellow paper, cardboard boxes, cutting edge paper, packaging paper, enterprises, paper, construction paper, books and newspapers, and so on.
1, recycling paper, can greatly reduce the forest, water and electricity consumption and pollutant emissions. According to experts, recycling one tonne of waste paper to produce 0.8 tons of recycled paper fiber, less cut 17 trees, saves 3 cubic metres of landfill space   recycling company.
2, in the foreign countries, waste paper is known as the city of forest resources, because whether it is waste paper, book paper, Office paper, and kraft paper, paper tray, corrugated paper, etc, are valuable material.
3, use of recycled, low energy consumption, environmental handling charges low, low unit cost of raw materials, production of newsprint with paper copy distribution in China, than Virgin wood pulp production costs can be reduced by 300 yuan per ton, and reduce environmental pollution, so people using recycled paper and board production called green products.
4 win-win, to waste as a resource-saving and environmental protection. 1.25 tons of culture using waste paper as raw material to produce one ton of recycled Office paper. According to the international standard gauge, can save 4 cubic metres of wood, 100 cubic meters of water, 600 kWh of electricity, 1.2 tons of coal and 300 kg of chemical raw materials, used for processing waste capital of 150 Yuan, for landfill waste sites avoids on surrounding groundwater pollution from landfill waste, less 3 cubic yards of solid waste generated, 60-pound industrial emissions. According to our criteria, saving more. In terms of annual output of 50,000 tons of recycled paper can save 5 million cubic metres, 200,000 cubic meters of wood. BACK