Rational use of resources, but it is not easy to

In a year, from the original card nation environmental protection technology limited's CEO to Foshan, Foshan City founder of carbon technology limited, Tang Jincheng experienced a fall from an environmental company to another new, only constants is continued in Foshan to publicize his garbage, environmental management concepts.
just debate about landfill or incineration waste treatment while sinking into the fog, recycling, waste recycling, seemed to point to a bright future for a way out. Many private enterprises have to capture business opportunities. Chancheng card nation environmental protection, nanzhuang, Siu Sai Wan, Sanshui is bio-energy and other companies to technology and capital to seize the front of the garbage disposal "gold rush", realize the win-win between environmental benefits and economic benefits.
, however, build a blueprint for environmental recycling industry chain has not had time to fully expand, chancheng district with some vine, exit "swallowing food" industry team; was biological, Siu Sai Wan and other waste disposal companies face model of the confusion.
"eat" junk, "spit out" organic, bio-diesel, recycled bricks ... ... Looks beautiful, but recycled products encountered unknown, sales are sluggish, hard realities.
1." Treasure "recycling economy idea
as the widespread proverb" no spam in the world, only misplaced resources. "
over the years, ordinary families after every Tuck, pour the used oil and kitchen waste into sewers, food in plastic bags, and disposed of together with other domestic waste. Such an approach will not only create city sewer "gut-block", but also will result in a waste of resources.
as the widespread proverb: "no spam in the world, only misplaced resources. "Tang Jincheng believe in this word. In his analysis, at present, many local waste treatment mainly focuses on technology and back-end processing, ignoring the front end processing, such as typical, such as landfill, incineration. These methods need a lot of land resources and financial investment, and larger air pollution. Front-end processing mode can turn it can generate social benefits, if form industrial chains, its social impact is enormous.
"my goal is the front-end and back-end management through the garbage, food waste processing the entire industrial chain of building. "
since February last year, bi Tang Cun farmers in zhangcha, chancheng District Street apartments, creative industrial park, and the xiankecheng primary school places are more than a" swallow junk "machines, rubbish" down "into the stomach, after oil separation, grinding, and then processed by 30 kinds of bacteria and earthworms," spit out "bio-fertilizers. This is Tang Jincheng project invested nearly 3 million yuan of environmental protection industry.
actually, early in 2005, in Sanshui Southwest Street Nan an Cun of a remote corner in, Foshan are collection biological energy limited on began do up meal kitchen garbage of "business" through collection meal kitchen garbage in the abandoned of flora and fauna oil, can into for biological diesel, clean energy, in peer in the, it had is Guangdong Province scale maximum of, and professional production biological diesel of enterprise.
"Sanshui has 3 production of bio-diesel business, technology is more mature. "Sanshui District Council introduced Tang Zhiming, Director of technology development, just as bio-energy company is one of the more technologically advanced company, the company and the South China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou energy by carrying out multiple cooperation projects, its products are at or better than United States biodiesel standard, such as to guarantee the collection of kitchen waste, will have a good momentum of development.
in the same year, he Feng village, nanzhuang town, chancheng district off the base, to crack the Ceramic waste sludge processing difficulties of Siu Sai Wan, solid waste processing center was officially put into use. This is a specialized Nan Zhuang and the surrounding districts of ceramic enterprise and tailor-made supporting environmental protection enterprises, was first introduced in chancheng district ceramic solid waste comprehensive utilization of private capital investment projects, processing cycle of waste will be used to produce new building materials.
"in accordance with the machine working 4 hours a day to calculate, a kitchen garbage treatment centers monthly treatment of 3 tons. Separated oil could be sold to chemical plants, earns around 4000 Yuan per ton. Kitchen waste, extraction into fertilizer value of around 3000 Yuan a tonne. "When Tang Jincheng planning this project gains last year, is full of confidence.
2. end-product markets hit hardest "eat"
companies are turning food waste into clean energy technologies such as biodiesel, but generally face a common dilemma: only the environmental benefits.
, however, is not easy to achieve recycling industry chain, each link a problem can affect the final results.
, "our biggest potential rival is" waste oil "peddlers. "Bio-energy official admitted that company's prices and no advantage in competing against peddlers hogwash oil in the process, the company has been at a disadvantage.
according to its introduction, was handling 40,000-50,000 tons a year hogwash, but it is difficult to achieve this. "In fact can only recycle thousands of tonnes per year, but also because the earnings Outlook is unclear, and difficult to borrow money from the Bank, funding difficulties. "
it is understood that at present in Foshan, kitchen waste such as the bio-energy enterprises have more than 6. Most of these companies are turning food waste into clean energy technologies such as biodiesel, but generally face a common dilemma: only the environmental benefits.
according to the exact charge, biodiesel contains no sulphur, halogen, Pb hazardous substances, burn complete, less pollutant emissions, environmental indicators is better than petroleum diesel. Biodiesel prices in the domestic market can only be sold to 6000-6500 Yuan/ton, and fossil fuel prices currently at around 8000 Yuan/ton, 1500-2000 Yuan/ton, the price difference. "And there are no government subsidies, such as raw materials, labour, equipment, water and electricity cost together, won't make money. "
another question is sales channels are limited. "Conventional diesel sales channel monopoly, only some private gas stations in order to reduce costs, will only purchase from us. Limited due to both supply and demand, the amount does not go on, market development is also more difficult. "The official said. BACK