Recycled plastic plastic yard fire

Yesterday about 12 o'clock noon, long Bay village in Changping town fire in a special recycled plastics plastic yard soon smoke rising into the sky from the ground rapidly, leading to many onlookers, nearly 3 hours after firefighters to fight the blaze, fire was put out, but the accident caused no casualties. Reporters learned that gathered dozens of similar yard near the site of the incident, have happened before the fire. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.
yesterday about 12 o'clock noon, long Bay Village, a recycling station in Changping town fires. Piles of plastic plastic yard were completely burned, plumes of smoke billowing into the air, downwind, toward direction of the pine village in Changping town, the sky suddenly dark.
yesterday around 1 o'clock in the afternoon, a reporter from Huangjiang at the car and rushed to the scene, in yellow near Government road, Huangjiang town, plumes of smoke can be seen from afar. When rushed to the scene, 4 fire engines have arrived at, in order to obtain enough water, fire brigade directly to take water from a nearby fish pond.
After tense rescue, fire open fires have been put out, but the smoke still, scene, dozens of firefighters and staff from other departments, declined to reveal any information about the fire. Xinhua learned from the on-site medical staff on standby, the fire caused no casualties.
site is located in Changping District, Brown opposite Shell gas station in Changping town from turning away about 10 meters, is a fork in the road. A junction to the LPG company in Changping town, a road leading to the fire.
according to local recycling personnel, accident sites, gathering dozens of scrap recycling, all plastic recycling of plastic waste. These so-called houses of Recycle Bin is very simple, is basically cottage, most meals and housing are in the Recycle Bin, there is a fire hazard. BACK