Undocumented yard fights community for 4 years

On May 22, the volley II district, tiexi district many residents, there is a hidden within the community of salvage station, no license, on a large scale, there are four or five trucks each morning to deliver waste, more than 17 o'clock, then transport the waste out of the community. In four years, residents have found many departments, have failed to resolve. The salvage station, why cow?
garage into recycling station at 10 o'clock in the morning yesterday, the Shenyang evening news glide 4-2 road, tiexi district, Shenyang network reporter came to volley the second district. This community is not property management. 26th residents across the floor, is a large garage group, a kindergarten near the garage. Three garages in the large garage group, has become a salvage station. Five tricycles and out waste, several workers are receiving sorting waste.
resident Wang said: "4 years ago garage owner three garage rental, but leased to the salvage station. "According to Mr Wang, salvage station without any formalities, couple of bosses are from other provinces. Salvage station business is booming, a little after 8 o'clock in the morning, four or five tricycle deliveries on time; 17 o'clock, scrap auto recycling station shipped out. In four years, residents there on a day of quiet days.
community: there is no law enforcement powers, cannot manage
"salvage station license?" Journalist to station an employee asks. "What procedure has. "The other replied. "See?" Procedures in the hands of managers ".
reporter according to workers with the salvage station manager Liu's cell phone number, dial several times, either busy or unable to connect. Resident reporters to interview, identified the man who spoke with reporters on the spot is the station boss. See residents testified, men immediately said: "our life is not easy, said if residents affected their lives, we can rectify it. "Journalists repeatedly asked the salvage station procedures, but none of the men had been taken out.
subsequently, the reporter interviewed the community owning volley volley second street community of the small scribe. In this regard, d Secretary is also a look of frustration. She said: "since I came to this community after 2011, knew the volley two community recycling points, we have come, they have been said to have procedures, we have not seen any formalities. "
service group: the only punishment has no right to ban
contacted volley streets on service group captain Li. Captain Li said: "the salvage station without any formalities, service group to several times, but the effect is not obvious, we punished the station without a license. "
but Captain Lee said:" we rode Street service group only right, management can be punished, but has no right to ban. "
" district in the past for this situation is the joint renovation, renewable resources management, tiexi, Shenyang City Public Security Bureau, trade and Industry Bureau, Inland Revenue Department and other departments for joint governance to address the root causes. "Captain Lee said:" We also hope this nuisance, undocumented salvage station will soon be banned. "
resident Wang said:" we do not understand, the salvage station without a license into the community, relevant departments in lax constraint, but a ban, but many departments together? why rectify illegal salvage station so hard? "
reporter to track reports, hoped that relevant departments as soon as possible illegal salvage station closed down, district residents a quieter living environment. BACK