Mountains of rubbish "eat" field

Next to the road is a landfill, reporter visually about covering dozens of acres. Dozens of cranes hovering over the dump, finding rotting maggot food. More than more than 10 head of cattle for a leisurely rummaging in the garbage heap "feed", local villagers told a press conference, Huang BU Zhen is well known for the "waste water buffalo."
has been prepared, the reporter also was shocked by the scene in front of: in order to be able to pile up more garbage, a forklift constantly push the accumulation of garbage around. Within half an hour of stay at a press conference, about 10 trucks loaded with rubbish here. Along the dusty, litter from time to time slipping out of the car. Highway Traffic shut the Windows, motorcycles and pedestrians hand covered his mouth and nose, do not want to stay here for a second. According to one villagers, County Road was covered with dirt and trash, low visibility, this road prone to accidents.
not far from a garbage dump is a vegetable plot, many of the vegetables are ripe, but no one came to pick it received.
Keng Village is nearest the dump a villages, under the influence of landfill, the village most of the villagers have moved to live in the town, leaving many farmers in cultivation moved here to rent fields from the field. Sudden dumps, they suffer.
"they are to our vegetable garden shed in front of the building, this place, there's no way to grow! "Big sister from Nanning moved here 13 years ago, a family of three with one of the local villagers rented acres to grow fruits and vegetables. Early this year, the rented out to villagers told her of her Government to landfill here. Elder sister thought it just piled up on the ground the Hill landfill, but garbage soon spread to farmland, originally to harvest some of the athletes were covered with garbage.
"junk is wet, it is vegetables only a few meters away from my home. Waste water into streams, we got the vegetable the water is dirty. "A villager surnamed Ma told reporters that he has leased more than more than 10 acres of land, when it was almost at the end of the harvest last year, Huang BU Zhen garbage landfill here suddenly, cast" Peregrine 20,000 dollars ".
"the water we drink now smell, flies flying all over, in every day life in the stench. "Standing in the field, farmers rise is expected to near the mountains of rubbish are a little" devour "farm, in the face of this, they do not know which way to go.
"also stands here before national basic farmland conservation area ' signs, but also do not know who is to torn down. "Alin Wang Jing Zhou Cun, two groups of villagers, he told reporters, this is Huang BU Zhen sanitation office leased the land agreement with the village group piled up and landfill areas. BACK