Dower sold to recyclers

False dowry money relatives send sold to recyclers, a family anguish. Police help, eventually, lucky back 30,000 yuan.
old high Deng Jie DAO Gao Jia Cun, who lives in the Golden State area, May 14, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, his wife to pick up the health at home, the home of old newsprint, mineral water bottles, waste paper and other waste products all sold it to a woman who collected, in Exchange for a 36 Yuan.
a little after 5 o'clock in the afternoon, asking his wife husband came home high. "Paper bag with a bank you see? "Old high's wife said," that paper bags I sell as scrap collectors! "This sentence came out of thin air a clap, shout at high:" it's daughter-in-law was giving her 30,000 yuan of dowry money, how can you sell as scrap it! "
this home can fry pan, his wife cried, than, high sighing and daughter began to complain when she knew that the dower money is there, so no reason not really unlucky ... ... Time gone crazy at home.
neighbors know howl for help alerted Police. Analysis of police arrived, lane collected people, not far from the village of Gao Jia, and narrowing the scope of the investigation to identify, provided some photos to see old high wife, collected preliminary delineation of a woman.
according to old wife identified, police made a beeline for a salvage station in neighboring villages, and see each other when the couple was having dinner at home. Police looked around and see at a glance the marked Bank paper bags are lying quietly in a junkyard, apparently two of them still don't know at this time 30,000 yuan of money hidden in scrap. Police cleverly break, collected in the couple was not informed back 30,000 yuan in cash, has returned to the old high one. BACK